Our Story

I grew up thinking everyone has a chiropractor, just like everyone has a dentist or a medical doctor. My parents have always seen a chiropractor.  Working on the farm/ranch is tough on the body. I started going after a slip and fall on the ice at age 13. My chiropractor inspired me to pursue a career in chiropractic. It wasn’t until after school that I realized how many more people would benefit from chiropractic care and since have made it my purpose to bring health through chiropractic to as many people as possible. I love an active lifestyle and I want to stay that way through all the years of my life; this is what I aim for with my patients on regular chiropractic wellness care.

Stephen grew up playing sports and in martial arts since age 3. Obviously, he experienced quite a few traumas that most active children do. All of these traumas were left untreated which lead to him developing migraines and back pain by his later childhood. He would miss games, letting his team down, because he had a migraine. It wasn’t until he completely herniated his lowest disc at age 17 where he found the answers to his pain. He was recommended emergency back surgery on his disc. He refused; he had already seen a family member go through multiple back surgeries and that person was still in pain and addicted to the pain medications. Stephen made it to a chiropractor who, over time, helped him heal from both the disc injury and migraines. Stephen went back to school to become a chiropractor. He has since still avoided surgery and pain medications and continued to live an active lifestyle through chiropractic and healthy choices.

Stephen and I met in chiropractic school, starting our journey together as a family and business partners. After a few years of practicing in separate offices for other doctors we decided to open our first practice together in Peyton (Falcon), CO in 2011. We grew to the point where we could only help more people if we expanded. We achieve our purpose of helping the most people with chiropractic care by opening more locations and having an awesome team of doctors, patient assistants and marketing team to help us. Today we continue to take steps toward that ongoing dream. We welcome you to the Rock Solid Chiropractic family and wish you a long and active life with chiropractic wellness care!

Dr. Mandi