dr emilyOur Colorado Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Emily Law, is originally from Roswell, New Mexico.  Dr. Emily started in gymnastics as a young child and in her teens started having constant back pain.  The doctors prescribed her pain medication.  Knowing that pain pills were not the answer to continue being able to do the things she loved, she went to a chiropractor for help.  That was when she fell in love with chiropractic.  Because chiropractic worked for her, she wanted to help others live their lives without having to take pain medication to function. 

Dr. Emily graduated from Texas Tech University and attained her Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005.  After graduation she practiced in New Mexico for 11 years.  Then she and her family made the move to Colorado Springs in March of 2018.  She joined Rock Solid Chiropractic at the Citadel location where she says she enjoys adjusting everyone, even though she has extra training in prenatal and pediatrics.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband Mike, and her two children Corbin and Tinsley.  Together they spend time hiking, camping and barbecuing.